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The creeper is fed up with your attacks and enters ghost mode every 10 seconds, for 10 seconds. Well, I know it's anticreeper but just pretend it's ghost creeper or something.
Farsite Colonies / Custom Map #1736: Immune Creeper. By: TrickyCorp
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This topic is for discussion of map #1736: Immune Creeper

Author: TrickyCorp
Size: 128x80
All stargates are linked; I'm not sure what they meant by closed off. I slogged through this map (<2 hours) and didn't have any that weren't connected to proper output locations.

That said; I didn't follow the strategy below. I get the complaint about being attacked by all sides and unable to hold ground...because my god the number of times I peaked back through what I held and muttered "No. No. No. No." shoving them back out again. Half my time was spent reclaiming. I think the worst of it was #4 - if I missed the anticreep breeder being retaken I had to dedicate minutes to reclaiming the territory again.

The route I took was:
1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 9, 8, 7, 10, 6, 11, 12, 15, 13, 14, 17, 16, 18, 19's possible to take many routes; but it's a slog to hold whatever you take rather than work on a next puzzle. I'm very thankful the AI didn't swing behind me and recapture the badlands to the left...that would've been even more frustrating. Instead it completely ignored it.

I spent hours last night going around in circles, because I didn't see the 1 square gap between 6 and 11! Without that you can't get to the end
I went back in and tried again after I saw the comment by Marvinfox pointing out that I missed the landing point for guppy's at the very top. AND I still stand by my not fun map comment, I was able to get a foot hold for about 1 second before I was inundated by the over powering spores which kills my cannons and sprayers and beams, I don't get how having to pause every second and micro manage every single detail down to the micro second is fun but hey, For those that enjoy it good on you.

I will go back to not playing these maps again as being so frustrated by not being able to complete a "simple" map is not fun. And to be honest calling this a simple map is insulting to those of us that find this impossibly frustrating.

what I meant by "simple" is that the tricks aren't overly difficult, aka you don't have to refrain from moving a terp or something like that or that you can never land the CN and so on.

but I agree - the spores are very difficult, but then again - you have a lot of PZs so it becomes increasingly manageable. Key is to have the forge fully upgraded in all aspects.
Farsite Colonies / Re: Custom Map #1394: Autobuild FPS 7. By: Auri
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Waiting on #8!

Love your maps. have replayed them all at least a couple times
Farsite Colonies / Custom Map #1735: Small Map 2. By: Dushe_h
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This topic is for discussion of map #1735: Small Map 2

Author: Dushe_h
Size: 32x32
I'm still very excited by these maps, but you have not heard from me for over a week since the first test map, because I have been unable to play through this level.

Every time it force crashes and shuts everything down. At first it was when I opened main menu and "restarted" , this was a guaranteed force close full crash every time. I've played it three more times without attempting a restart, but those all ended with sudden force close crashes as well. Sadly I was actually making progress on the last two tries. :(
I look forward to a time when I can actually play one of these levels.

Assuming you have the beta installed I don't know what could be causing them to crash. Are you on GitHub? They have a bug report forum there:
  • If at all possible, try to keep the flood cores out of the final design? A well-balanced map doesn't need them, and trying to use them results in a huge loss of both time and power while waiting for them to be useful; the combination leads to having little or nothing to do while waiting. Generally speaking, any game element that promotes waiting idly should be avoided. (Idleness is the key here; things are okay taking time, as long as the player has other things to do in the meantime.)

Just to add, their original design and inclusion in PAC maps by the Flood's creators was specifically so people who like to trade "time" (read: even a lot of it) for winning at almost no skill level required. originally they cost a lot less (by about a magnitude) and people just used em to cheese because they were so good (if only because that map did include thors, so even at a still somewhat big but not outrageously expensive price Flood just easily won out over any other design) so they were tweak into a "win no matter what because the enemy can't end me anyway, but at great cost" solution to the difficulty problem.

I am alright with the idea of people spending 2-4 hours winning a map at a slow unskilled pace just because I am a bit of a turtle-er myself and don't exactly find much fun in needing to react fast primarily when the game lends itself to seeming like turtle is valid. On that same note I wished default creep limit was unset just so someone would have to go out of their way to add that especially because I feel it is a TERRIBLE mechanic in a PAC map when it only limits you, especially as it's story is the creeper "being content" and/or "feeling unthreatened" and even on the normal maps I feel its a terrible difficulty crutch.
Colonial Space Map Discussion / Re: Custom Map #9526: PSEUDO CSM. By: AkuninsDude
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Interesting concept, Looking forward to more like this.


Farsite Colonies / Re: Custom Map #1730: Volcanic Activity. By: Up-Level
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"Build launchers"

Okay I've already built a few launchers.  I think I'm ready for whatever is probably about to happen.



You meant:

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Neat visual effects though.  Took me a bit to figure out how you did the void since I got distracted by the level 1 terrain modifier 4RPL script.