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A unit UID, image slot, and custom image name i1 s1 s2 –


Sets the unit image for the specified slot of the CRPL Core. Slot is an arbitrary name used to identify which image to set. The slot named “main” refers to the primary unit image (the one that can be set in the editor). The image name must refer to one of the image names that can be set on a unit. Valid strings include “Default”, “None”, “CustomEmitter”, “CustomSporeTower”, “CustomRunnerNest” and any of the other Custom images you added yourself, the full list of which can be found in the combo box in the editor for setting the primary unit image. Using “None” will remove a unit's image.

A single CRPL Core has a maximum limit of the number of images that can be used, which is set at 1024 images. However, you are only allowed to add 1023 images before functionality start to break. Adding a 1024th image will lock up your ability to add or remove further images from the core, so make sure not to reach this limit. Note that if you're creating an overlay and opt to display it using multiple cores in chunks to surpass this limitation, a 32×32 grid of images (exactly 1024) is already too large.


# Set the primary image for the current unit to whatever 
# image is loaded in "Custom0" 
Self "main" "Custom0" SetImage
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