Creeper World 2 and Map Editor version 439 released

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on: January 06, 2012, 01:08:43 pm
An update to Creeper World 2 and to the Map Editor has been released. The new version number for both is now 0439.

You can get the update for Creeper World 2 here:

This release contains all previous updates to the game as well as:
  • Show Time/Score box on custom missions screen.
  • Show time/score (or not played) above maps in the in-game browser.
  • Added connect/disconnect control for weapons (allows firing, but stops requesting packets).
  • Allow G and B to scroll map.
  • Allow Shift-C and Shift-V to quick save/load map.
  • Move the "Formation Movement" text indicator up into the status bar and change it to say "Formation Move" (to better fit).
  • Show an indicator on a blaster reflecting what fire mode it is in.
  • Minor bug fixes

The updated Map Editor is available from here:

Updates to the map editor includes all previous updates, as well as:
  • Allow negative point values for artifacts.
  • Handle more cases where "del" deletes a unit but should not (like when editing some value fields).
  • Fix the enabled/armed state of artifacts when saved (in editor and game)

Note that if you have the "Auto Check for Updates" enabled on the home screen of Creeper World 2, you would have received an automatic notification that the update was available.
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