Version 0380 Just Released!

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on: February 16, 2010, 10:07:22 pm
Version 0380 just released!

Get it here:
New Game:

New Map Editor:

Changes in version 0380:
- Allow custom maps to have their score posted.
- You can click an "online" button next to each custom map that will pop up a browser to the high score page.
- Added a restart map option to the exit popup dialog.
- Allow terrain brightness levels to be set on custom maps.
- Allow terrain edge thickness modification on custom maps.
- Improved scrollbars.
- Allow non-ascii characters in user and group names when posting scores.
- Show game version on missions results screen in lower left hand corner.
- Fixed bug that would cause network disconnections when Odin city flew over a wall.
- Fixed cosmetic bug in map editor that would sometimes draw connector lines incorrectly.