New update 0337 released

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on: September 16, 2011, 09:28:06 am
Virgil has released a game  and map editor update.

Get the game update  here:
Get the editor update here:

Changes in Update 0337:
- Fix infinite recursion in Nexus explosion.

Changes in Update 0336:
- Support anti-creeper emitting emitters.
- Optimize map loading times.
- Show an indicator of decayable terrain in info box.
- Show the egg value that a drones is carrying in info box.
- Show creeper density in blue in item viewer when hovering over an emitter.
- When generating a screen shot, only show phantom indicator when necessary.
- Fix bug in loading some small percentage of save games.

Note that this patch contains all previous updates. You only need to install the most recent update to get all previous updates.

Note: To create maps with emitters emitting anti-Creeper, you also need the 0336 level of the map editor.
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