Verson 0346 just released!

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on: January 14, 2010, 08:18:39 pm
Get it here:
New Game:

New Map Editor:

Changes in version 0346:
- New Structure: Mortar Mines!  Can manual trigger in game, or they go off automatically when creeper hits them.  Place them on a custom map using the map editor.

- New wall type: Crazonium Walls.  Will not decay when the creeper touches them.  But they also will not allow transmission lines to run through them.

- Added support for collection zone custom colors in a custom map.

- Added ability to make odin city unmovable in a custom map.

- Save and restore window size and position.

- Added right click = cancel to game.

- Starvation renamed to 'Deficit'

- Window title shows map name.

- Made Q,A,X more readable on buttons in game.

- Press backspace to take a screen shot.  Saved to your documents/creeperworld folder.

- New score submission model.  Only current mission score is submitted.

- Fixed rounding error on reactor collection display.

- Fixed wall decay prejudice bug for maps made with v0346 editor and later.

- Can press 'x',  or 'del' to delete a place in the map editor.

- Emitter start time doesn't have to be a multiple of frequency anymore (new maps only).
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