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All Companies List
« on: July 10, 2017, 04:55:59 pm »

Here you find a list of 22 CEO's and a Link to their Company Page. Plus one Add-On :).
"If you have a Question / Comment about this list send me a PM please so we can keep this Thread Clean.
All other Comments can be placed on the particular Thread.


Blaz -> Doomsdayers Inc

cpaca -> Custom Module Creators [Corporation]

Dark Ambition -> Frontline Corp & GalTech

Equinox -> Silicon Nomads

FOXX -> FPAF [Foxx Particle Attack Force]

General Warfield -> Horan Galactic Rebel Alliance

Helios -> Helios Corporation Fleet

joebob1337 -> Excalibur Corporation Shipyards

Keeper Decagon -> Hiigara Defence Force

Nicant -> Ships Co. Charted Sectors & Ship Developments

Ninja -> Ninja Shipyards
Prof -> Ocecat Corporation

Qwerty Quazo -> QASPA [Quazo's Arsenal for Star and Planet Anhilation]

Sorrontis -> SSDI [Sorrontis Space Development Incorporated]

Spaartan -> Falcon Renegades

Suoiruc -> Suoiric's Space Ship Shop

Tanelorn -> UN Cosmo Fleet

TheLongFellowPLAYER -> Ye Olde Shipyards

Three_Pryme -> Tiberian Warbirds INC

TonnyT -> Novus Imperium Corporation

Tornado -> Particular Endeavors

Zoura -> Fleet Zero Development Log

And Lastly -> yum-forum
He has made a lot of Maps and Ships but no Company Page.
You can find him in the Exchange under -> Yum234

Enjoy Viewing ;)
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Re: All Companies List
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How about me? :)

Edit: You could make that

"If you have a Question / Comment about this list send me a PM please so we can keep this Thread Clean."

bigger text?

My bad, sorry  :-[
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Re: All Companies List
« Reply #2 on: August 29, 2017, 01:13:26 pm »
Hey, thanks for the shout out!
Novus Imperium Corporation
CEO: Tony Carlisle

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