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Farsite Colonies / Re: Custom Map #2343: [PAC] Cell to King. By: MAGNUS_VI
« Last post by Freed on Today at 05:26:22 am »
yes the beginning is a bit hard - but as soon as you get the breeders on the left (move fast and take the ern-cannons first), its not that hard anymore (even easier if you take two launcher and send skimmers from the breeder buttom left to the only connection of the hill, you'll have eggs, blobs and skimmers for free soon).
the creeper-cap never got me (to much anticreep=) but I played with 4*speed and move slowly with field generators (and as soon as I got 5launchers it becomes pretty easy to kill the fabric and slowly earning ern by ern.
Fresh video from Dr Gorgee:

Farsite Colonies / Re: Custom Map #2461: VAU Tutorial. By: Vertu
« Last post by reddwarf12 on Today at 03:37:46 am »
Ah, hahaha ... we have a very different idea of "tutorial"!   :D
Farsite Colonies / Re: Custom Map #2396: Vertu introductions. By: Vertu
« Last post by hbarudi on Today at 03:06:48 am »
Vertu: so you are the one who made those laggy pac maps with all the units that can deal with 2000 thick creeper especially those lasers that prevent pac map progress. So now you are going to give the pac map player some stuff that are stronger than what we usually get in those maps? That rocket at 10 minutes got me since I still don't know what many of your units do maybe I have to extract and read the code...
A terp and 3 towers did this.
Farsite Colonies / Custom Map #2470: Co-op crystalization. By: Vertu
« Last post by AutoPost on Today at 12:09:49 am »
This topic is for discussion of map #2470: Co-op crystalization

Author: Vertu
Size: 256x256
Farsite Colonies / Re: Custom Map #2396: Vertu introductions. By: Vertu
« Last post by Vertu on October 22, 2021, 09:00:02 pm »
I love this. Only... Given how advanced these weapons are, the way of getting them is a little basic...
What if... #1239 maybe?
I guess it's time to work, then...
I do get what you are at but I have seen some...... questionable.... ways people play in this game.
One of the more complex ones is the Singularity Reactor (aka 0Reactor) in some of my more crazy maps where you would need a building that gave you 500 energy. I have had plans to create a special building system but there are some technicalities to it all. Will look into it. Now that I think of it, it could be a great way to limit how much a person is shown at the start, so they are not overwhelmed by having a build pool triple the size of vanilla.
Farsite Colonies / Custom Map #2469: Thorins Map. By: Bilbo
« Last post by AutoPost on October 22, 2021, 04:52:45 pm »
This topic is for discussion of map #2469: Thorins Map

Author: Bilbo
Size: 192x160
This is a golden oldie!
I sorted all the games by "Rating" and am playing them in order.
So far, I am still going at 3:02.
It only took me 45 clock minutes and eleventy-seven restarts.
It's good to have time on your hands and a fun way to use it.

H234 became back  H?  :D

Thanks for friendly comments!
Ships / Ship #4960: HelloWorld. Designer: Caledscrat
« Last post by AutoPost on October 22, 2021, 02:40:31 pm »
This topic is for discussion of ship #4960: HelloWorld

Size: 24x16
Designer: Caledscrat