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Yeah, the start is a bit too grindy.  Plus seeing a low creeper cap on a map like that is always a discouraging sign as well because you know after you finally get the upper hand against the AC you'll be artificially limited by that, instead.
Get in a stalemate at 10 minutes as endless waves of anti-creep swarm you. At most I was able to take the bottom 2 creep breeders till the ai rebuilt everything and gg.

Lame map don't play
Colonial Space Map Discussion / Custom Map #9704: CSM-246. By: yum234
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This topic is for discussion of map #9704: CSM-246

Author: yum234
Size: 99x99

This would be way better if the sprayer in the upper right had always on turned off. The anticreeper from that corner becomes overwhelming very quickly unless you move the creeper hyper efficiently
some maps require vodka

some beer

maybe this was easy enough to only warrant potato chips?

EDIT: I managed to kill the left emitter, after upgrading build and packet speed to max. Had to rebuild relays like 70 times. BUT, the tentacle didn't die. I actually killed everything and the game didn't end. I didn't know what to do, so I randomly moved the nullifier around and saw you could kill the PZ (with the tentacle in it) left after the emitter. You could also not place anything on that PZ
Farsite Colonies / Custom Map #2349: DREAMS. By: stellaire
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This topic is for discussion of map #2349: DREAMS

Author: stellaire
Size: 320x200
Farsite Colonies / Re: Custom Map #2348: Trigger warning. By: Tero
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Great dishes often combine spices in the correct proportions. I recognize that certain chefs cater for appetites that eschew spiced of a particular nature.

In mapmaking, ERNs are the spices.

My palate appreciates a wide variety of foods combining varied spices.

My maps preference is skewed towards maps that allow me to speed up the game by judiciously applying ERNs to either the ERN portal or to selected units.
Great! Thanks for playing!
Thanks for playing!
Completely doable in a little over 17 minutes.  I had the spore launcher, two of the emitters, the blob nest, and the skimmer factory all nullified in just the first couple of minutes and the debt completely paid off long before reaching the end.  I thought about getting the Airship but ultimately decided against doing that.

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Nice pun in the title.  :)