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Bit of a necro post, but I finally got around to doing this level, and it was pretty interesting. And the use of the new stargates was cool as well.  8)
But yeah, I half-agree with the other posts in this topic. If you treat the level as a normal one, it WILL turn into a unfun slog. Once you realize the mission is a assassination/speedrun type mission and plan/play accordingly, it goes much better/faster.

Just for reference, I'll post the .cw4rec file of how I did the mission.
No forge, which might be a mistake, as obviously Thor’s fire at the deepest creeper, so maybe they need to fire quicker?

This map is really just a test to see if ppl like it, which I doubt, but idk what ppl like, I’ll just have to wait… :D
That looks really interesting.
I see that you have a Forge pick up.
Is there a source of Aether somewhere?
Too late to start this, but I'll give it a go in the morning.
This topic is for discussion of map #10143: Thor only

Author: buttRcaT
Size: 256x256

Okay, you get the Bertha as a weapon too, but shush. Idk about this, maybe I'll make more?
This topic is for discussion of map #10142: lol fortress

Author: chikenR
Size: 75x75

this is the pathetic version as you see, it has much less stuff this is what i totally call "pathetic" 1 rating is welcome also thanks for the good ratings on the original map
This topic is for discussion of map #10141: Core

Author: Daniel Kendig
Size: 128x84

A hard level that has a new and unique threat of titan crawlers that are big strong and slow, and the swarmling crawlers that are fast small and have one health, The swarmlings job is to distract your snipers to let the titans pile up, I really enjoyed this and I hope you do to :)
This topic is for discussion of map #10140: Terp the Mountains

Author: buttRcaT
Size: 69x69

The terp would be nice to use in this world. I haven't made any maps in a while, so this is kinda bad in my opinion, but eh that's your choice.
This topic is for discussion of map #10139: Corruption

Author: Dark6al3a
Size: 130x90

The Shattered Remains of this word have a Ticon Space Weapon system that got Corrupted, Can You Destroy it before it Does the Same ? Inspired by Good Ol' Farbor Thanks to No_Exit and Grabz for their help with the CRPL used in this map This Is a Very Difficult mission for slow Players, Don't Expect an Easy Win, The Time Limit Doesn't give out Second Chances >:) Anyways....Enjoy! #CRPL #TimeLimit
Do you know the guppy trick?
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I knew there was something, I didn't know what.  That's what I was looking for.
this map is really hard, a pz sniper in the gateway is recommended, building some mortars on the back is also highly recommended!
you can sweep a line in the middle and destroy the ae, that will allow you to spam bombers and strafers
this map has a HUGE amount of power zones btw
this map can be beaten so quickly, but im a turtler
also, im new in mapmaking, but im actually a advanced player
hope you like it :D