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Rated 2.67/5 (3 Votes)
Title: An Alternate Path
Difficulty: Trivial
Author: Microman502
Post Date: January 10, 2019 12:06 pm
Downloads: 177
First in an installment of levels. Your ship has broken and is now being operated by a computer.
These will be my first attempt at level making.

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RankPlayerScoreTimeTotal Missions
1Frozty97641 min 27 sec1
2Bugs97401 min 36 sec4
3AnonymEus97351 min 37 sec1
4Sir Mike97171 min 44 sec1
5Saca96981 min 52 sec1
6Mimoune95572 min 46 sec2
7b3395093 min 5 sec1
8neko95063 min 7 sec1
9cvtfwlbt94963 min 11 sec1
10Gentle94843 min 15 sec2
11Mrtn7494463 min 31 sec1
12MEAGAIN94053 min 47 sec4
13m93314 min 18 sec1
14SDU792954 min 33 sec1
15Cephas37492934 min 33 sec3
16DoldOR92904 min 35 sec1
17MildlyAmused92864 min 36 sec1
18isaac3276792574 min 48 sec1
19Orbus92524 min 51 sec1
20RuckinFutz92314 min 59 sec1
21Jah92285 min 1 sec3
22microman50292035 min 11 sec1
23Styky91495 min 34 sec2
24ROADRUNNER38391285 min 43 sec1
25GeneralDavo90965 min 57 sec1
26Mattmota90846 min 3 sec2
27viktor darko90526 min 17 sec1
28raspeh90296 min 27 sec1
29Player00190146 min 33 sec1
30Michalis90056 min 37 sec1
31spSolli89936 min 43 sec1
32Coverrock7789916 min 44 sec1
33PIN89467 min 4 sec1
34Zerg88967 min 26 sec1
35SAD88897 min 29 sec1
36Lord Sikat88897 min 29 sec1
37Ender88377 min 53 sec1
38Masterville86689 min 13 sec1
39Oldman86529 min 20 sec1
40Mud86049 min 44 sec1
41Marvin85809 min 55 sec1
42CAMBSB840111 min 25 sec1
43LGA838011 min 35 sec1
44Jani3311819713 min 11 sec1
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