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Rated 2.91/5 (47 Votes)
Title: the bath of the king (better)
Difficulty: Expert Only
Author: jem
Post Date: January 16, 2010 8:31 pm
Downloads: 458
same as previews version, only now it has crazonium walls so if the wave generator is activated and you are out out of there you still can win. (this isn't a update)

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RankPlayerScoreTimeTotal Missions
1Frozty85929 min 49 sec1
2pel857110 min 0 sec1
3Fridge846110 min 54 sec1
4saca844511 min 2 sec1
5Allan841111 min 20 sec2
6Gerhard839711 min 27 sec1
7hehehe826312 min 36 sec1
8KazanoVa811713 min 55 sec2
9mixalis77791015 min 51 sec1
10AnonymEus788616 min 5 sec1
11GST788416 min 6 sec1
12Round Mortar784116 min 31 sec1
13Galois783816 min 33 sec2
14Firetrip783316 min 35 sec1
15Anonymous781916 min 44 sec1
16Zuzin780916 min 50 sec1
17Dor779716 min 57 sec1
18Blind Watchdog779616 min 57 sec1
19helmetflakes775417 min 22 sec1
20Dad771517 min 46 sec1
21cvtfwlbt769417 min 58 sec1
22Z769118 min 0 sec1
23Michalis766318 min 17 sec1
24harvey763818 min 33 sec1
25Pardio754719 min 30 sec1
26mijinko750619 min 56 sec1
2732man746620 min 21 sec1
28tosse745320 min 30 sec1
29Scot743020 min 45 sec1
30Mimoune742120 min 51 sec2
31c.736521 min 27 sec1
32nightfall736321 min 29 sec2
33Cory M735621 min 33 sec1
34spindleruben731821 min 59 sec2
35Scott730422 min 8 sec1
36BobDammit728622 min 20 sec1
37TIM.ZHOU728122 min 24 sec1
38Marco726722 min 33 sec2
39jimlad 42726222 min 37 sec1
40pavelkeddy702125 min 27 sec1
41Zendrake694626 min 22 sec1
42Tony650932 min 10 sec1
43Seal615737 min 27 sec1
44sony-kun593441 min 6 sec1
45Lee555248 min 4 sec1
46Goon Squad385295 min 45 sec1
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