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Rated 3.7/5 (23 Votes)
Title: Nice Job 24: The Astronomer
Difficulty: Medium
Author: UpperKEES
Post Date: July 7, 2010 3:21 pm
Downloads: 567
Probably the easiest map in the Nice Job series. All techs available from the start, a lot of space to build your structures and enough time to prepare yourself. Better use it well, because the existence of our entire solar system is at stake!

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RankPlayerScoreTimeTotal Missions
1sora835311 min 49 sec1
2UpperKEES825912 min 38 sec1
3snowmaker (JM)814713 min 38 sec2
4Bacteriophage814513 min 39 sec1
5fisherck805214 min 30 sec1
6F0R804114 min 37 sec1
7Miss Melissa795715 min 24 sec1
8DDUNG765618 min 22 sec1
9CTUNA761718 min 46 sec2
10Buck757219 min 14 sec1
11RockyRaccoon736221 min 29 sec1
12bartekltg736021 min 31 sec2
13wzlchz729022 min 18 sec1
14Mimoune724322 min 50 sec1
15gruob723522 min 55 sec5
16Richie Rich711324 min 21 sec1
17Mo707924 min 45 sec1
18benjaming703925 min 14 sec1
19mopa42696026 min 12 sec1
20JVCCC689627 min 0 sec1
21TruckerAsh687127 min 19 sec1
22hehehe683627 min 46 sec1
23GST683427 min 47 sec1
24Mr.Grumpy682727 min 53 sec1
25Yoshi682627 min 53 sec1
26Shadow676928 min 38 sec1
27pizza_steve669929 min 33 sec1
28Toaster663030 min 29 sec1
29Mandy662230 min 36 sec1
30Talbot661030 min 46 sec1
31Sen659630 min 57 sec1
32Norman Rorqual655731 min 30 sec4
33xarxa651232 min 8 sec1
34TommyCogs649832 min 20 sec1
35qqqq648232 min 33 sec1
36peter644433 min 6 sec2
3712345ieee643233 min 17 sec1
38Dobbin631634 min 59 sec1
39DoldOr620136 min 45 sec1
40NNR_Alex616737 min 17 sec1
41Anonymous616137 min 23 sec1
42zach589241 min 49 sec1
43sandra585242 min 31 sec1
44Smetrios582243 min 3 sec1
45Rastis580343 min 23 sec1
46XiuCe578943 min 38 sec1
47Chriseroo577243 min 57 sec1
48doggyjg562846 min 36 sec1
49Gregory562646 min 38 sec1
50DethbyIT555448 min 1 sec1
51Palsh551148 min 52 sec1
52SirDuck36548949 min 18 sec1
53splejx546249 min 50 sec1
54dmtheorist544450 min 12 sec1
55Eudrick543950 min 18 sec1
56Rens2Sea543750 min 21 sec1
57Tinplate535851 min 58 sec1
58steve519455 min 31 sec1
59Wildr3d502659 min 22 sec1
60RANDY S495861 min 0 sec1
61MeltManBob488062 min 57 sec1
62UoAdeadeye460770 min 14 sec1
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