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Rated 3.28/5 (25 Votes)
Title: Nice Job 21: The Diver
Difficulty: Hard
Author: UpperKEES
Post Date: June 25, 2010 12:24 pm
Downloads: 488
All techs available from the start, plenty of space to build, six upgrades, no spores, each emitter can be capped by just one blaster and no emitters near (a moveable) Odin City. Easy? No, Hard. Keep breathing!

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RankPlayerScoreTimeTotal Missions
1UpperKEES823812 min 49 sec1
2DDUNG752819 min 42 sec1
3fisherck752319 min 45 sec1
4snowmaker (JM)736021 min 31 sec3
5Miss Melissa732621 min 54 sec1
6Buck711024 min 23 sec1
7Richie Rich710524 min 26 sec2
8Mimoune664430 min 18 sec1
9DataWraith662730 min 32 sec1
10sora662730 min 32 sec1
11HiredGun662530 min 33 sec1
12Mandy659231 min 1 sec1
13Anonymeus647032 min 44 sec1
14Sauffaus643033 min 18 sec1
15cavabien641633 min 30 sec1
16Sunda639033 min 53 sec1
17Sen631335 min 2 sec1
18NNR_Alex630635 min 8 sec1
19Norman Rorqual628635 min 27 sec4
20wildmole624036 min 9 sec1
21Talbot617237 min 12 sec1
22Tompha613937 min 44 sec1
23hehehe612637 min 56 sec1
24NJ-21: The Dive607038 min 50 sec1
25Alex604539 min 15 sec1
26bartekltg600739 min 53 sec1
27TruckerAsh600139 min 59 sec1
28xarxa599840 min 2 sec1
29mercan592441 min 16 sec1
30qqq569645 min 20 sec1
31Anonymous540850 min 56 sec1
32pizza_steve537451 min 38 sec1
33Mykul535851 min 58 sec1
34TommyCogs529253 min 22 sec1
35CSR524454 min 24 sec1
36troglodyt523954 min 31 sec1
37SirDuck36518455 min 44 sec1
38Yoshi510357 min 34 sec2
39Wildr3d509957 min 40 sec1
40Luke507758 min 10 sec1
41DethbyIT488862 min 44 sec2
42Palsh470767 min 28 sec1
43Tony469067 min 55 sec1
44dmtheorist466368 min 40 sec1
45Chriseroo466268 min 42 sec1
46Harvey459870 min 29 sec1
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