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Rated 3.58/5 (26 Votes)
Title: Nice Job 20: The Snake Charmer
Difficulty: Expert Only
Author: UpperKEES
Post Date: June 22, 2010 11:44 am
Downloads: 644
Probably between 'Hard' and 'Expert Only', but definitely harder than my other hard rated maps. All emitters can be capped, only the snake eyes will free themselves after a while. Do you dare to go in between or rather play it save and go around?

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RankPlayerScoreTimeTotal Missions
1UpperKEES798415 min 9 sec3
2sora770517 min 52 sec1
3snowmaker (JM)765818 min 20 sec3
4Vizjerei763818 min 33 sec1
5fisherck733921 min 45 sec1
6Cary727822 min 26 sec1
7Miss Melissa725222 min 44 sec1
8Ondali722223 min 4 sec1
9Richie Rich709224 min 36 sec2
10mjn678628 min 25 sec1
11saca675228 min 51 sec1
12DDUNG675028 min 53 sec1
13Guardian674828 min 54 sec1
14mercan673629 min 4 sec1
15Buck669929 min 33 sec1
16vice658231 min 9 sec1
17hehehe653931 min 45 sec1
18max642533 min 23 sec1
19Boppes640733 min 38 sec1
20bartekltg640233 min 43 sec1
21Mandy599240 min 8 sec1
22pusmoh596640 min 34 sec1
23Tayzar595040 min 50 sec1
24The Fly N-T593241 min 8 sec1
25Phil590741 min 34 sec1
26NMi588741 min 55 sec1
27Sunda585042 min 33 sec1
28Mykul578143 min 47 sec1
29Talbot577543 min 53 sec1
30pizza_steve576244 min 7 sec1
31Bryan575544 min 15 sec1
32Del570545 min 10 sec1
33Tompha563146 min 33 sec1
34Snuuch558847 min 22 sec1
35Bass556547 min 49 sec1
36TruckerAsh554948 min 7 sec1
37GST554948 min 7 sec1
38L'ythelle554048 min 18 sec1
39Luke551448 min 48 sec1
40SPIFFEN549249 min 14 sec1
41Brotzeit544850 min 7 sec1
42jonbond539351 min 15 sec2
43TommyCogs528153 min 36 sec1
44Anonymeus521355 min 5 sec1
45Mikey T519855 min 25 sec1
46NNR_Alex519655 min 28 sec2
47Yoshi516556 min 9 sec1
48galois515756 min 20 sec1
49Mr.Grumpy515456 min 24 sec1
50xarxa507958 min 8 sec1
51Alicat504059 min 2 sec1
52Bad Skillet482964 min 14 sec1
53clarkson213478065 min 31 sec1
54Zuzin475766 min 7 sec1
55SIMON L457271 min 14 sec2
56dmtheorist450273 min 16 sec1
57Gregory440776 min 8 sec1
58Harvey430879 min 16 sec1
59Palsh425281 min 6 sec1
60djs421882 min 14 sec1
6132man419383 min 5 sec1
62DethbyIT418583 min 22 sec1
63Smoke406287 min 42 sec1
64lOCURA3483112 min 15 sec1
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