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Rated 3.74/5 (23 Votes)
Title: Nice Job 17: The Gamer
Difficulty: Hard
Author: UpperKEES
Post Date: June 11, 2010 8:27 pm
Downloads: 575
Ever dreamt of making money by playing games? This is your chance! Don't worry if you're building with a slight deficit for a while; the few shots your blasters can fire should be enough to maintain your position. You might need a few restarts to get it all right. Recognize the map within this map?

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RankPlayerScoreTimeTotal Missions
1UpperKEES827612 min 29 sec1
2snowmaker (JM)819113 min 15 sec4
3Vexsin781416 min 47 sec1
4DDUNG780216 min 54 sec1
5max774517 min 28 sec1
6Richie Rich764518 min 28 sec2
7sqaz760118 min 56 sec1
8JM736321 min 29 sec2
9the Fly N Tim726222 min 37 sec1
10Saca719823 min 21 sec1
11Dennis702825 min 22 sec3
12Schupri699425 min 47 sec5
13Talbot696026 min 12 sec1
14TruckerAsh692026 min 42 sec1
15Jlog688727 min 7 sec1
16bartekltg684827 min 37 sec1
17hehehe681528 min 2 sec1
18Anonymeus676828 min 39 sec1
19Kithros675028 min 53 sec1
20Mykul673829 min 2 sec1
21SirDuck36642133 min 26 sec1
22TommyCogs636134 min 19 sec1
23Toplel Blitz631435 min 1 sec1
24Nicolas630535 min 9 sec1
25Norman Rorqual628935 min 24 sec5
26Mandy601839 min 42 sec1
27Sen600739 min 53 sec1
28mercan599540 min 5 sec1
29Yoshi586242 min 21 sec1
30Harvey574244 min 29 sec1
31Pasqualz552548 min 35 sec1
32DethbyIT534352 min 17 sec1
33dmtheorist529153 min 24 sec1
34BigSteve503059 min 17 sec1
35Hellex472167 min 5 sec1
36NNR_Alex461070 min 9 sec1
37Palsh446374 min 26 sec1
38wutang406387 min 40 sec1
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