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Rated 3.17/5 (23 Votes)
Title: Nice Job 16: The Speleologist
Difficulty: Hard
Author: UpperKEES
Post Date: June 9, 2010 12:03 pm
Downloads: 551
The creeper may flow a little differently than expected at first glance. You will have enough space to start building, but how many techs and upgrades are you able to collect before you have to set up your defences?

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RankPlayerScoreTimeTotal Missions
1UpperKEES826412 min 36 sec2
2Anonymous811413 min 56 sec2
3Blue Meanie805014 min 32 sec2
4Woody785216 min 24 sec1
5Miss Melissa781216 min 48 sec1
6fisherck775417 min 22 sec1
7Saca767718 min 9 sec1
8Ben746720 min 21 sec1
9CTUNA744620 min 34 sec3
10Richie Rich725622 min 41 sec1
11Mimoune724522 min 48 sec1
12mjn718323 min 31 sec1
13Vexsin709924 min 31 sec1
14mercan709224 min 36 sec1
15Mykul699825 min 44 sec1
16max696426 min 9 sec1
17HiredGun695426 min 16 sec1
18hehehe687927 min 13 sec1
19TruckerAsh659830 min 56 sec1
20DDUNG655031 min 36 sec1
21Talbot651832 min 3 sec1
22bartekltg649132 min 26 sec1
23Anonymeus642533 min 23 sec1
24Tibz625135 min 59 sec1
25benjaming622836 min 20 sec1
26Guardian611738 min 5 sec1
27SirDuck36611738 min 5 sec1
28Sunda607838 min 43 sec1
29Norman Rorqual607438 min 46 sec1
30tequila2k606938 min 51 sec1
31Mandy605139 min 9 sec1
32xarxa600539 min 55 sec1
33NNR_Alex600239 min 58 sec1
34Hellex594840 min 52 sec1
35Pasqualz582443 min 1 sec1
36pizza_steve578843 min 39 sec1
37CSR573644 min 36 sec1
38DethbyIT551548 min 47 sec1
39dmtheorist521255 min 7 sec1
40Harvey488662 min 47 sec1
41Eric Kinney487763 min 1 sec1
42troglodyt482164 min 27 sec1
43Palsh415884 min 18 sec1
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