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Rated 3.65/5 (23 Votes)
Title: Nice Job 15: The Gravedigger
Difficulty: Hard
Author: UpperKEES
Post Date: June 5, 2010 10:49 pm
Downloads: 496
10 emitters trying to kill you, 6 emitters trying to save you. You've never been so close to death as today. But hey, it's your job, so you can handle that. Right? Try to use all available space as efficient as possible; this will certainly help you finishing faster.

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RankPlayerScoreTimeTotal Missions
1UpperKEES780916 min 50 sec1
2snowmaker (JM)779217 min 0 sec4
3fisherck727622 min 27 sec1
4max706724 min 54 sec1
5saca693026 min 34 sec2
6TruckerAsh689227 min 3 sec2
7Fynn687427 min 17 sec1
8RockyRaccoon686127 min 27 sec1
9Rei670729 min 27 sec2
10DDUNG653931 min 45 sec1
11Buck648032 min 35 sec1
12the Fly N Tim635234 min 27 sec1
13mercan633634 min 41 sec1
14Mykul628635 min 27 sec1
15JM627435 min 37 sec1
16SPIFFEN618736 min 58 sec1
17hehehe616337 min 21 sec1
18Anonymeus616037 min 24 sec1
19Anonymous611138 min 11 sec1
20Mandy604639 min 14 sec1
21Neilos599440 min 6 sec1
22Mr.Grumpy597340 min 27 sec1
23Talbot581843 min 7 sec1
24bingoair577043 min 59 sec1
25Richie Rich575244 min 18 sec2
26Alex537551 min 37 sec1
27HiredGun535252 min 6 sec1
28Bastion528653 min 30 sec1
29asdfasdfasdf508857 min 55 sec1
30Harvey500060 min 0 sec1
31NNR_Alex476365 min 58 sec1
32SirDuck36461370 min 4 sec1
33Ender459770 min 31 sec1
34Pasqualz453172 min 25 sec1
35DethbyIT450173 min 18 sec1
36TommyCogs449773 min 25 sec1
37pizza_steve435077 min 55 sec1
38Jerdog426780 min 36 sec1
39xarxa422282 min 6 sec1
40Palsh418483 min 24 sec1
41dmtheorist411785 min 44 sec1
42UnkieHerb396791 min 14 sec1
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