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Rated 3.36/5 (28 Votes)
Title: Nice Job 13: The Soccer Player
Difficulty: Hard
Author: UpperKEES
Post Date: May 30, 2010 12:58 pm
Downloads: 636
Only 12 days left till the World Championships of the most popular sport on Earth: soccer! Now combine your soccer skills with your CW skills and make it to the next round. Just 11 players up against a fearless opponent; will you be able to score a goal?

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RankPlayerScoreTimeTotal Missions
1UpperKEES89876 min 45 sec3
2Miss Melissa88897 min 29 sec1
3Luke86859 min 5 sec2
4Vexsin86549 min 19 sec1
5Tibz86399 min 27 sec2
6Kropernic856110 min 5 sec2
7snowmaker (JM)854710 min 12 sec2
8mjn850910 min 30 sec1
9DethbyIT823012 min 54 sec1
10Abyss817213 min 25 sec1
11Captain Ford812813 min 49 sec1
12hehehe807914 min 15 sec2
13Magpie802514 min 45 sec1
14Tasonir798615 min 7 sec1
15CSR797215 min 15 sec3
16pizza_steve794015 min 34 sec1
17ArcAngelct788616 min 5 sec1
18Pasqualz787916 min 9 sec1
19DDUNG783116 min 37 sec1
20vice773517 min 34 sec1
21Jlog769417 min 58 sec1
22the Fly N Tim766118 min 19 sec1
23xarxa762218 min 43 sec1
24Pezzle758219 min 8 sec1
25HiredGun742320 min 49 sec1
26Ryumyo740920 min 58 sec1
27Sunda739721 min 6 sec1
28Anonymous739521 min 8 sec1
29Chriseroo739221 min 10 sec1
30neko733921 min 45 sec1
31Harvey731022 min 4 sec1
32Anonymeus729922 min 12 sec1
33AshleyZ729522 min 14 sec1
34laguna2008722723 min 1 sec1
35thenateness719823 min 21 sec1
36Mykul716123 min 47 sec1
37Hellex714423 min 59 sec1
38PapaBear44713324 min 6 sec2
39dmtheorist703925 min 14 sec1
40PapaBear697126 min 4 sec1
41Talbot694826 min 21 sec1
42Alex680028 min 14 sec1
43MinutemanZ676328 min 43 sec1
44UnkieHerb673329 min 6 sec1
45SirDuck36670229 min 31 sec1
46TheSkeptic660030 min 54 sec1
47whead659031 min 2 sec1
48mOo654631 min 39 sec1
49mercan650532 min 14 sec1
50Trey650432 min 15 sec1
51K644633 min 4 sec1
52Palsh639533 min 49 sec1
53Mandy630935 min 6 sec1
54NNR_Alex578543 min 42 sec1
55Zuzin576744 min 2 sec1
56TommyCogs571944 min 54 sec2
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