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Rated 3.52/5 (27 Votes)
Title: Nice Job 11: The Prince
Difficulty: Expert Only
Author: UpperKEES
Post Date: May 22, 2010 4:47 pm
Downloads: 650
Quite hard, but rated 'Expert Only' because you will also need to hurry to be able to save the princesses. You'll need all your skills (but no tricks) to bring this map to a good end. Tips on request (see comments).

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RankPlayerScoreTimeTotal Missions
1snowmaker (JM)806814 min 22 sec4
2UpperKEES776917 min 13 sec1
3Vexsin761118 min 49 sec1
4Richie Rich756919 min 16 sec2
5Izz756819 min 16 sec2
6Vizjerei753619 min 37 sec2
7Sauffaus735621 min 33 sec1
8Bass725222 min 44 sec2
9LeTruc721423 min 10 sec1
10saca707324 min 49 sec1
11Talbot693226 min 33 sec1
12the Fly N Tim686527 min 23 sec1
13hehehe681228 min 4 sec1
14DethbyIT677828 min 31 sec1
15Sunda675028 min 53 sec1
16F0R667529 min 53 sec1
17mjn666929 min 58 sec1
18JM647832 min 37 sec1
19TommyCogs640933 min 37 sec1
20bartekltg636834 min 13 sec1
21Hliasss634634 min 32 sec1
22monkata628835 min 25 sec1
23DDUNG627635 min 36 sec1
24Mykul621036 min 37 sec1
25Brute620736 min 39 sec1
26mercan617937 min 6 sec1
27RealAndy606438 min 56 sec1
28Mandy597140 min 29 sec1
29Dad591841 min 23 sec1
30peter589341 min 48 sec1
31Harvey588242 min 0 sec1
32Tompha581343 min 13 sec1
33Tayzar579143 min 36 sec1
34CraigO578743 min 40 sec1
35Anonymeus576644 min 3 sec1
36Luke564146 min 21 sec1
37TruckerAsh561246 min 54 sec1
38THEPENGUIN551748 min 45 sec2
39Mr.Grumpy534952 min 10 sec1
40Palsh522554 min 49 sec1
41Pasqualz517156 min 1 sec1
42Paul505058 min 48 sec1
43mole125487463 min 6 sec1
44tbone474266 min 31 sec1
45SirDuck36459670 min 32 sec1
46dmtheorist449573 min 28 sec1
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