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Rated 3.42/5 (24 Votes)
Title: Nice Job 6: The Travel Agent
Difficulty: Hard
Author: UpperKEES
Post Date: May 4, 2010 10:53 am
Downloads: 605
You start with plenty of space to build your initial economy. After that you'll have to cross some tough mountain ranges to reach your goal. Can be played laid back, unless you go for the highscore.

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RankPlayerScoreTimeTotal Missions
1UpperKEES838211 min 34 sec2
2Miss Melissa804614 min 34 sec1
3snowmaker (JM)802514 min 45 sec3
4Kelly799615 min 2 sec1
5Saca788116 min 7 sec1
6sqaz787216 min 13 sec1
7Richie Rich738421 min 15 sec2
8Buck736221 min 29 sec1
9mercan731522 min 1 sec1
10snowmaker730122 min 10 sec1
11Snowball716123 min 47 sec1
12Magpie714323 min 59 sec3
13DDUNG714124 min 1 sec1
14Anonymeus711024 min 23 sec1
15Round Mortar702125 min 27 sec1
16bartekltg700925 min 36 sec1
17hehehe681328 min 4 sec1
18RockyRaccoon675428 min 50 sec1
19DethbyIT642533 min 23 sec2
20kenb633434 min 43 sec1
21Mandy631734 min 58 sec1
22Katra625036 min 0 sec1
23pizza_steve611638 min 6 sec1
24HiredGun611138 min 11 sec1
25Hazzard3:16603639 min 24 sec1
26Neilos591441 min 27 sec1
27the Fly N Tim589541 min 46 sec1
28Vexsin588341 min 59 sec1
29Hikari80272585442 min 29 sec1
30Talbot575444 min 16 sec1
31HMan574544 min 26 sec1
32PapaBear44558547 min 25 sec2
33Omnimon554748 min 9 sec1
34Allan552548 min 35 sec2
35TruckerAsh547249 min 38 sec1
36Pezzle544150 min 16 sec1
37Timbo543950 min 18 sec2
38Norman Rorqual534352 min 17 sec2
39NNR_Alex523754 min 34 sec1
40alterschwede515956 min 18 sec1
41Trey512357 min 7 sec1
42Peter Tayor501959 min 32 sec1
43Apocalyp5e489462 min 35 sec1
44Nicolas482064 min 28 sec1
45Armodon479565 min 7 sec1
46sandra477765 min 36 sec1
47David472566 min 59 sec1
48Pasqualz460070 min 26 sec1
49SirDuck36459770 min 31 sec1
50Goose453572 min 18 sec1
51Palsh452172 min 42 sec1
52Mykul446674 min 20 sec1
53TommyCogs446274 min 28 sec1
54hormon441475 min 55 sec1
55Harvey432478 min 45 sec1
56dmtheorist415684 min 22 sec1
57SAM3706101 min 53 sec1
58Chauff3473112 min 45 sec1
59mijinco3058136 min 12 sec1
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