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Rated 3.46/5 (37 Votes)
Title: Nice Job 5: The Clockmaker
Difficulty: Hard
Author: UpperKEES
Post Date: April 29, 2010 3:21 pm
Downloads: 732
NEW: First map with automatic spore direction indicator, so no more surprises! Not that hard, but you'll need quite some blasters to be able to cross the clock. May be a little CPU intensive in the final stage.

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RankPlayerScoreTimeTotal Missions
1snowmaker (JM)793815 min 35 sec3
2UpperKEES749220 min 5 sec1
3Miss Melissa745820 min 27 sec1
4max732021 min 58 sec1
5Rob684127 min 42 sec1
6Richie Rich670529 min 29 sec2
7cvtfwlbt669129 min 40 sec1
8DethbyIT662630 min 33 sec1
9VDog661430 min 42 sec1
10Talbot654531 min 40 sec1
11DDUNG644033 min 10 sec1
12saca635634 min 23 sec1
13RockyRaccoon635334 min 26 sec1
14CSR634034 min 38 sec2
15JM633034 min 47 sec1
16LGA631734 min 58 sec1
17John628035 min 32 sec1
18mjn622036 min 27 sec1
19Barry621336 min 34 sec1
20Timbo613937 min 44 sec1
21Fraterpotens611138 min 11 sec1
22bingoair610538 min 16 sec1
23mijinco606238 min 58 sec1
24Anonymeus603939 min 21 sec1
25mj596640 min 34 sec1
26blackraven1425594340 min 57 sec1
27hehehe590841 min 33 sec1
28the Fly N Tim580843 min 18 sec1
29JasontheFuzz580243 min 24 sec1
30Mandy579743 min 30 sec1
31Vexsin578643 min 41 sec1
32Biggie572544 min 48 sec1
33TruckerAsh569945 min 16 sec1
34Mr.Grumpy569245 min 24 sec1
35Mykul560247 min 6 sec1
36mercan558947 min 21 sec1
37Vizjerei558747 min 23 sec1
38Anonymous558547 min 25 sec1
39awesome-o551748 min 45 sec1
40PJC540151 min 5 sec1
41Pardio538051 min 31 sec1
42Tink531752 min 50 sec1
43Nicolas524454 min 24 sec1
44Lee520355 min 19 sec1
45helmetflakes516256 min 14 sec1
46xarxa504958 min 50 sec1
47Harvey486063 min 27 sec1
48Timmy Boy466268 min 42 sec1
49pizza_steve460370 min 20 sec1
50Mikey T442175 min 42 sec1
51SirDuck36428679 min 59 sec1
52SEA402089 min 15 sec1
53Palsh395791 min 37 sec1
54splejx382097 min 4 sec1
55dmtheorist3714101 min 33 sec1
56freeman22063489111 min 58 sec1
57Jono17852782155 min 40 sec1
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