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Rated 3.55/5 (33 Votes)
Title: Nice Job 3: The Farmer
Difficulty: Medium
Author: UpperKEES
Post Date: April 16, 2010 6:10 am
Downloads: 637
You'll be under attack from all sides. Don't advance too fast or too slowly. Positioning of weapons and choice of upgrades will make a difference.

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RankPlayerScoreTimeTotal Missions
1DethbyIT87728 min 23 sec2
2UpperKEES87578 min 30 sec5
3mercan86109 min 41 sec1
4burguertime85739 min 59 sec1
5Kropernic855710 min 7 sec2
6CSR849110 min 39 sec3
7Killer840911 min 21 sec1
8saca838211 min 34 sec1
9bartekltg837411 min 39 sec1
10fisherck829712 min 18 sec1
11Hliasss825712 min 39 sec1
12DDUNG823412 min 52 sec1
13Vizjerei819513 min 12 sec1
14SirDuck36818213 min 19 sec1
15snowmaker (JM)817813 min 22 sec1
16Talbot810414 min 2 sec1
17CTUNA809714 min 6 sec2
18Sunda807514 min 18 sec1
19Kjempff806414 min 24 sec1
20Katra806314 min 24 sec1
21RockyRaccoon804314 min 35 sec1
22Vexsin800214 min 58 sec1
23Nicolas795715 min 24 sec1
24Anonymous793315 min 38 sec1
25Anonymeus792215 min 44 sec1
26Mykul774917 min 25 sec1
27bob769717 min 57 sec1
28sqaz763518 min 35 sec1
29Allan762118 min 43 sec1
30Mandy746720 min 21 sec1
31Norman Rorqual737421 min 22 sec2
32Palsh724522 min 48 sec1
33Pasqualz724022 min 52 sec1
34hehehe718123 min 33 sec1
35(e)712324 min 14 sec1
36dmtheorist712224 min 14 sec1
37Harvey691926 min 43 sec1
38Colin688327 min 10 sec1
39TommyCogs646632 min 47 sec2
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