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The Creeper World Saga

This page is currently under construction.

Current information progress:

  • Creeper World 1: Everything up to Loki.
  • Creeper World 2: Not started.
  • Creeper World 3: Not started.
  • Particle Fleet: Not started.
This page contains heavy spoilers of the Creeper World storyline.


Creeper World


The story begins in the year 12,271. Humankind had colonized thousands of worlds. It was then that Creeper fell from the sky, with no purpose of reason. It wanted nothing, nor could it be reasoned with. It seemed its only purpose was to undo everything humankind had ever done. The first day of the invasion, fifty worlds fell and 500 billion lives were lost. Guided by the crazed Old Man, Humanity assembles its final bastion - Odin City - and having received a set of coordinates to travel to - activates the Totems on planet Hope, opens a portal to Rift Space and embarks on its final journey.

The Journey Begins

The first planet Odin City jumps to is Taurus. This jump erases Odin City’s data banks, causing it to lose several technologies. The Relay nano schematic is found on Taurus. The city travels through Fitch and Orion, finding the Energy Storage schematic as well as the Mortar schematic, respectively. The Orion population on-board Odin City mentions that their military had been working on the Mortar technology.

Upon arrival at the next planet, Cetus, OPS reveals that the loss of data banks from the first Rift jump erased the rest of the coordinates left by the Old Man. That means the city has to jump blind. Conveniently, an Artifact is found on this world, which revealed the coordinates of five worlds, with no further information about them. The Artifact was also determined to have been 11,261 years old, built in the year 2010.

First five worlds - Ara, Corvus, Draco, Crux, Octan

Odin City arrives at the step-pyramid ruins on a world called Ara, using the first coordinates from the Artifact. The Speed Node schematic is found on Ara. The second set of coordinates from the Artifact have the Odin City arrive at Corvus, once a lush ocean world, now a dry, barren rock. The scanner picked up several survival pods scattered around the horizon. The 27 survivors were a crew of a science mission, cruising the extra-galactic deep space for the last 20 years. Upon their return they were met with everything having been covered in Creeper, and eventually failed to maintain orbit around this planet after running out of fuel. One of the survivors mentions that 20 years ago, they received a stone by the Old Man, meant to keep their crew safe on their journey - and that in the moment of their greatest peril, another crew on a journey of their own would find and rescue them.

Jumping to the third set of coordinates, the crew finds themselves on the edge of a giant caldera in a world called Draco. The presence of another Artifact is detected. The Artifact proves difficult to decipher, so the contents remain unknown at this time. Odin City jumps through the planet Crux and finds themselves on the planet Octan, the fifth and last destination saved in the Artifact found on Cetus. Sound the alarms! A new threat has emerged - Creeper Spores. Luckily, Octan is a planet constantly bombarded by meteor debris, and the Octans have been working on a missile tracking technology to contain it - the SAM - and its schematic is found right here. The schematic also happens to contain the coordinates of another five worlds, where the Octans planned to deploy this technology. Having nowhere else to go, the Commander chooses to select those as the next destination.

Second five worlds - Tucana, Vela, Pavo, Ursa, Canis

Using the new set of coordinates, Odin City warps through Tucana, an unexpectedly harsh world, to arrive on Vela. A Reactor schematic is found here. Seeing another ordinary world offering no real resolution to the predicament the city finds itself in, OPS begins to doubt the reason behind their journey. For all they know, they could be fleeing from the Creeper until the end of time. The Commander however, believes that there is a purpose to it.

The crew arrives on Pavo. Simultaneously, the analysis of the Artifact from Draco is completed, and reveals information about upgrades to most of Odin City's technologies. OPS finds it surprising, considering half of their technology has only been developed in the last five years, yet the Commander remains unfazed. This Artifact was also written in the 21st century, however, the information that it contains would not make sense to any of the people living during that time.

Moving through Ursa, Odin City arrives at Canis, the planet from the fifth set of coordinates found back at Octan. An Artifact is found here - this time not an ancient one, but one that seems days old - despite the planet being dead for over 5 years. The Artifact is signed with the name “Platius”, and contains the coordinates of yet another five worlds. The Commander seems to recall this name.

Third five worlds - Ix, Scluptor, Volan, Pyxis, Loki

Traveling through Ix, Odin City finds itself in a difficult scenario, but finds a Drone Bomber schematic that proves vital to their escape. OPS fears that the city is nearing its demise, with the Creeper getting stronger in each world they visit. Getting past Scluptor, the crew arrives at Volan, and a single Survival Pod is detected - one that seems to have landed within the last hour, yet it ended up being empty.

Odin City arrives at Pyxis - a heavily fortified world, in ways never seen, that could not have been accomplished by the Pyxians. An Artifact is seen here. OPS feels the need to ask about the signature “Platius” found on the Artifact back on Canis. The Commander explains that his birth parents were killed in Tucana raids when he was an infant and that he would've been lost too, had it not been for a mysterious man calling himself Platius, who took him and escaped to Aquila, where he was adopted and raised.

The seen Artifact is collected, revealing the following contents:

“Greetings my young friend. You have grown much. It pleases me greatly that you and your people have made it this far. Through all of your human history I always believed you would make it. The others were not so sure…. You have one final task ahead young one, and you know what you must do.



OPS: NO! Commander, we must have been led into a trap! The Creeper on this world is the most intense we have ever seen. There is no way we can defend against it much less reach the Totems!!!

OPS: Scanners also show what looks like some kind of giant Creeper Nexus… I've never seen… I've never even imagined something like this…..

OPS: There is an artifact… perhaps it somehow holds our salvation…?

</br><center> “In the end, no answer is ever as elegant as its question.” </center></br>

Commander: OPS…. I…. I think I understand now. All of human history and all its future are in our hands. Our next actions may very well be the end of everything that ever was or could be. The memory of every person that has ever lived sums to a singular question…. “WHY?”

Commander: The Creeper has no purpose other than to end that question by erasing everything we have ever been. We are the very last embers of this question… this question that must never cease to be asked…. Odin City must not fall…



<i> ALL THAT YOU WERE HAS BEEN UNDONE</br> NOW YOU DELIVER THE REST OF YOUR IRRELEVANCE TO US</br> YOU TOO WILL SOON BE UNDONE</br> </i> </center> Commander: Broadcast this message on all channels OPS:

Commander: “We are not undone… we carry with us all that we have been and will be. We are the living question that survives in spite of you.”



OPS: Commander, I'm not sure what we can do…. There is just too much Creeper. Our weapons can't harm that Creeper Nexus….

Commander: I won't give in OPS. We must fight, there… there must be a way….!

Platius: Greetings young one….

Commander: Platius…? Who…, how…, where are…?

Platius: Come my young friend…. There is little time. Look for what I send…. Take it and the stone you were given by the scientist you saved. That stone is the key. Act quickly, you will know what you and you alone must do.

Commander: PLATIUS WAIT!!!???

– end transmission –

A new object has appeared. Upon collecting it and integrating it with the stone given by the scientist, it has activated into a nano schematic for an unimaginable self-powered super weapon ship called the Thor.

OPS: Also, this weapon appears as if it will require a pilot…

Commander: OPS, there isn't much time. I'll start construction of the new Thor weapon. (…) Once complete, I will personally pilot the Thor and end the Creeper once and for all.



The Thor is now operational. The Commander is now piloting the ship.


<i> NO!</br> THE UNDOING MUST BE COMPLETED!</br> </i> </center>

Commander: It's your turn Creeper menace…. YOU will now be the one undone!

OPS: Commander, the Thor is unbelievable! With the Thor you can clear away unbelievable amounts of Creeper! This will allow us to build a network and reach the Totems….. but what coordinates do I enter? Where will we flee to next?

Commander: We aren't fleeing anywhere OPS. I know what Platius meant now. Enter the coordinates I'm sending. I'll clear away the Creeper and connect the Totems, just make sure the coordinates and Totem packets are ready to send.

OPS: Where do the coordinates lead?

Commander: I don't know OPS….. I really don't know. I just know these are the coordinates we are supposed to enter.

OPS: Sir, I've followed you through everything… I believe in you. Entering the coordinates…



OPS: Commander that thing appears to be right. Thor can destroy and Creeper it emits, but you can't damage the Creeper Nexus!

Commander: Maintaining the assault OPS. I'll dish out everything Thor has…. I'll hold back the Creeper until we can get the Totems charged. Maybe once the Rift activates…..

Commander: There has to be a way OPS, there has to!



The Rift totems have been powered.

OPS: Commander!!!! The Rift has opened…. the coordinates you gave me have opened the Rift onto the black hole in the galactic core! This has never been done… it can't be done!!!!!!

OPS: The Rift channel is conducting massive amounts of gravitational attraction back to the Rift on this end. Everything will be sucked in and destroyed!!!!!


The Creeper Nexus is being sucked into the black hole.

OPS: The Creeper Nexus and all of the emitters have been sucked into the black hole! We have defeated the Nexus and saved our people!

OPS: Co_m_and_r… Come in Com_an_er!!!

OPS: The bla_k h_le is st_ll o_en a_d wi_l de_tr_y ev_ryth_ng!!!

Commander: OPS, OPS!!! Come in! I can't allow the black hole to destroy everything after all we have been through…. There is only one choice! I will pilot the Thor into the hole and detonate its power source at the event horizon. This might close the Rift and save the planet! Heading in now OPS….

Commander: Take care of the city… It has been an honor and privilege to lead our people!

The Commander pilots Thor into the black hole and detonates Thor's power source, closing the Rift.


Platius: Hello again young one….

Commander: Platius…. Where…. Where am I?

Platius: You are with me young one.

Commander: Am I dead?

Platius: You would be…. had I not saved you….

Platius: You released the energy of the Thor reactor and sealed the Rift. You would have been completely destroyed along with the Thor had I not taken you away at the last moment.

Commander: WHO are you Platius?

Platius: I have had many names. I have walked amongst your people when they left the plains of ancient Earth. I have been there when the first stones were set at Babylon. When your ancestors sailed for new worlds I was there. Through great and terrible wars I have been there. For the thousands of years you have spread through this galaxy I have been there. And now, most recently, you have come to know me as Platius. Your people know me as the “Old Man”.

Commander: YOU ARE THE OLD MAN?? I don't understand how you could be all of those people or how you could help us now…

Commander: What is the Creeper and where did it come from? Where are you from and how are you able to help us? How did you know what would happen and where we would be?….

Platius: Ha ha young one! Patience… in time you will understand everything. For now I can tell you that what you call the “Creeper” is a degenerated form of a race called the Loki. You see, this galaxy is but a grain in the vast multiverse expanse. Space is nearly infinite and extends far, far beyond what you call the observable universe. But, time is not infinite…. at least not for this reality. So there was a beginning and the Loki were amongst the first to rise to greatness. They rivaled even my people in their power and wisdom. But long before your world was even formed, the Loki changed. They peered into other realities at their greatest moment and when they looked away they were forever changed. They became a force of destruction that sought to destroy all of the other races. They desired the “purity of nothingness” above all things. My people fought them for millions of years. But their power was too great…

Platius: My people….. my people are now gone. I and I alone carry their memory. My people sacrificed everything to weaken the Loki as much as they could. Had they not done so, all beings everywhere would have fallen to the Loki. In a cataclysm that spanned a galactic cluster, all of my people fought and sacrificed themselves to destroy the Loki. Only I was chosen to stay behind. Only I would bear the task of continuing the memory of my race…. Only I…..

Commander: Platius… that is incredible. But the Loki were not all destroyed?

Platius: No young one… the Loki were stronger. They were nearly destroyed, but a single Nexus remained. It hid in the ruins of the conflict with its rage growing stronger with each passing millennium. Then when the memories of the great conflict had all but passed into oblivion, it emerged. The rage and destruction of the Loki once again ravaged worlds where new life had emerged and grown.

Commander: How long ago was this Platius?

Platius: When your Earth was covered with giant and terrible beasts, the Loki Nexus emerged. But the Loki were far from Earth. Many thousands of galaxies would fall before they would come to your people.

Commander: You were on Earth tens of millions of years ago?

Platius: Yes young one. The Earth held great potential and greatness would be necessary to fight the Loki. So I have seeded many worlds with the “encouragements” of intelligence. For your Earth, only a small impact would destroy the beasts and open a path for your emergence. Your people would grow with “encouragements” along the way. And this path has brought you to this moment.

Commander: But we were nearly destroyed… everything we were is gone…

Platius: Oh young one… you still have much to learn. Your people live and their greatness will rise again. You have defeated a Nexus which so few have. You will grow from this world in the millennia to come and perhaps one day we will all stand in victory over the last of the Loki…

Commander: Platius, what abou…

Platius: It is time for me to go young one. Do not worry I will not be far. You have much left to do for your people.

Commander: Platius wait!

Platius: I return you now to your great city. Lead your people in peace and return to greatness…. Commander.

Platius: And oh yes, do not become to complacent…..

Platius: For I will need you again soon.

Platius: Goodbye my young friend, goodbye……

Platius: …for now…

Creeper World 2: Redemption


Creeper World 3: Arc Eternal


Particle Fleet: Emergence


Creeper World 4










Skarsgard Abraxis

Skarsgard Abraxis is the central character in the Creeper World story, and appears as the Commander in Creeper World 1, the Admiral of the New Human Alliance in Creeper World 2, and the Commander of a stranded ship in Creeper World 3.

Abraxis was born on Tucana, where his birth parents were killed in a raid when he was only an infant. He would have perished too, were it not for a mysterious man named Platius who took him to Aquila, where he was adopted and raised.


Aliana Abraxis


Dax Joven






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