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The Creeper World Saga


Creeper World


The story begins in the year 12,271. Humankind had colonized thousands of worlds. It was then that Creeper fell from the sky, with no purpose of reason. It wanted nothing, nor could it be reasoned with. It seemed its only purpose was to undo everything humankind had ever done. The first day of the invasion, fifty worlds fell and 500 billion lives were lost. Guided by the crazed Old Man, Humanity assembles its final bastion - Odin City - and having received a set of coordinates to travel to - activates the Totems on planet Hope, opens a portal to Rift Space and embarks on its final journey.


The first planet Odin City jumps to is Taurus. This jump erases Odin City’s data banks, causing it to lose several technologies. The Relay nano schematic is found on Taurus. The city travels through Fitch and Orion, finding the Energy Storage schematic as well as the Mortar schematic, respectively. The Orion population on-board Odin City mentions that their military had been working on the Mortar technology.

Upon arrival at the next planet, Cetus, OPS reveals that the loss of data banks from the first Rift jump erased the rest of the coordinates left by the Old Man. That means the city has to jump blind. Conveniently, an Artifact is found on this world, which revealed the coordinates of five worlds, with no further information about them. The Artifact was also determined to have been 11,261 years old, built in the year 2010.

Odin City arrives at the step-pyramid ruins on a world called Ara, using the first coordinates from the Artifact. The Speed Node schematic is found on Ara. The second set of coordinates from the Artifact have the Odin City arrive at Corvus, once a lush ocean world, now a dry, barren rock. The scanner picked up several survival pods scattered around the horizon. The 27 survivors were a crew of a science mission, cruising the extra-galactic deep space for the last 20 years. Upon their return they were met with everything having been covered in Creeper, and eventually failed to maintain orbit around this planet after running out of fuel. One of the survivors mentions that 20 years ago, they received a stone by the Old Man, meant to keep their crew safe on their journey - and that in the moment of their greatest peril, another crew on a journey of their own would find and rescue them.

Jumping to the third set of coordinates, the crew finds themselves on the edge of a giant caldera in a world called Draco. The presence of another Artifact is detected. The Artifact proves difficult to decipher, so the contents remain unknown at this time. Odin City jumps through the planet Crux and finds themselves on the planet Octan, the fifth and last destination saved in the Artifact found on Cetus. Sound the alarms! A new threat has emerged - Creeper Spores. Luckily, Octan is a planet constantly bombarded by meteor debris, and the Octans have been working on a missile tracking technology to contain it - the SAM - and its schematic is found right here. The schematic also happens to contain the coordinates of another five worlds, where the Octans planned to deploy this technology. Having nowhere else to go, the Commander chooses to select those as the next destination.

Using the new set of coordinates, Odin City warps through Tucana, an unexpectedly harsh world, to arrive on Vela. A Reactor schematic is found here. Seeing another ordinary world offering no real resolution to the predicament the city finds itself in, OPS begins to doubt the reason behind their journey. For all they know, they could be fleeing from the Creeper until the end of time. The Commander however, believes that there is a purpose to it.


Creeper World 2: Redemption


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Particle Fleet: Emergence


Creeper World 4







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