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 ======Story====== ======Story======
 +<WRAP right rightalign>
 +//The Arc of the moral universe is long,
 +\\ but bends toward justice.//
 +\\ Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.
 +\\ 20th Century, 1st C.E.
 +<WRAP 60% left centeralign>
 +By the year 13271 in the first Common Era,
 +\\ humans had spread into a great galactic empire.
 +\\ All they had achieved ended when the Creeper arrived.
 +\\ Thousands of worlds were destroyed by an unknown enemy.
 +\\ Yet, a small group of less than 50 thousand humans survived.
 +\\ Their impossible journey ended in the destruction of the
 +\\ enemy Nexus and the founding of a new, sole human colony.
 +\\ Thirty years later, the enemy returned.
 +\\ Yet again humanity held back the darkness.
 +\\ A peace that would endure for many millenia was created.
 +\\ But like all things crafted by human hands, it was not to last.
 +\\ Again and again the Creeper would return.
 +\\ Eons would pass between each culling.
 +\\ Empires would rise and fall, each more brilliant than the last.
 +\\ But no matter how great humanity became, it would always succumb.
 +\\ Through it all, one man slept.
 +\\ His journey on the first great exodus was not to be his last.
 +\\ Guarded and watched over for billions of years,
 +\\ his time to awaken has come.
 +\\ Now, when the last of the great human empires has
 +\\ slipped away into the night...
 +\\ The sleeper awakens.
 =====Inceptus===== =====Inceptus=====
 **Lia**\\ **Lia**\\
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