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Odin City

Odin City is the mankind's last refuge. It houses the 50,000 humans left in the universe. It travels from world to world only staying long enough to activate the totems to go to the next world. You are in control of Odin City against The Creeper. From Odin City packets and ammunition go to what is being built, or weapons on the front lines. This is the only source of packets, so no network detached from Odin City can survive on it's own. The maximal packet production rate is 32 per second. Having more energy production than 32 is pointless as Odin City cannot use the excess energy.
Odin City optimally will project coverage over 69 squares. It also has two reactors at its heart which produce 0.6 when it is on the ground. This is why you start the game with 0.8 energy production (0.6 plus the area projected).


Totems are used to open the rift between worlds. Connecting and powering all totems on the map is a requirement to win. It takes 10 packets to power a totem.


Artifacts are old relics laying around on some worlds. Picking up an artifact results with a message set by the mapmaker. Collecting all artifacts is required to win a map. Artifacts are not destroyed by the creeper.

Survival Pod

Survival Pods are vulnerable to the creeper and need to be picked up before they come in contact with the creeper. Failing to rescue any survivors results in immediate loss. Collecting all survival pods is required to win a map.

Upgrade Points

Therese contain nanobots which can be used to upgrade player structures. Each collected upgrade point allows for one upgrade. Collecting upgrades are not required to win a map. Upgrades are not destroyed by the creeper.

Green(Economy) upgrades Red(Military) upgrades
Produce 10% more energy Increase fire range by 20%
Everything costs 10% less to build Increase fire rate by 15%
Build things 20% faster Increase move speed by 30%


Picking up a schematic allows the player to construct the corresponding unit. Collecting all schematics is required to win a map. Schematic are not destroyed by the creeper.

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