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Started by archangel8, February 03, 2012, 05:31:45 PM

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I would like to think that in the process of making as many maps as I have that I have learned a thing or two. I am currently trying to make a map called Cubic Deception which involves the placing of multiple units on top of each other. I have played a few maps that had two things on top of each other, but I quickly realized that there does not seem to be a limit to the number of units you can put on top of each other. If there is a limit, please let me know, but I got up to 13 in this map with no issues. The problem that I am currently running into is that I cannot get all of my gateways to consistently create a constant stream of drones. When I have built maps before, I set each gateway to create only one schedule with a Rpt value of 0 and it has always put out a constant stream of drones at the specified interval indefinitely.
Quoting your guide (Chapter 3, pages 8-10)
"Here you can set how many times the game will loop through a wave before moving on to the next wave if there is more then one wave set in the schedule list. The default is set to 0. If there is more then one wave present and all have a setting of 0 then each wave will be done only once in session. This value can be increased or decreased by clicking on the number and then adding in a new number in the highlighted text box."
I have tried 0, and I have tried very large numbers like 10,000, but regardless of what I put, I cannot get any kind of consistency with this map. Is there some kind of limit on the number of Gateways that can properly function on the same map? This map has 36 of them, each with a different drone schedule.
Does anyone have any ideas?
PS- I would love to add some of my knowledge about unit stacking to this guide if you are interested! Also, not trying to jack your post here, I was just doing research to try and find info about this issue, and stumbled across this. Hope you don't mind!


Absolutely love you guide. I also love Ebon's, witch was great to get started and make maps en with yours to go more indept, ideal combination. Thank you for your guide.


i wonder how much of this will be put into the new editor coming out?   
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Just tried to read the guide myself. Result: complications with opening it. Is it not compatible with Microsoft word 2010? What now?


It is a word 2003 document, so you should be able to open it with word 2010 (I have word 2010 and I can open it perfectly fine). Didn't you accidently try to open the .rar file with word?

Now I see ::), I completely forgot to say thanks to archangel8 for creating this guide and linking my guide in it ;D

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Quote from: J on October 24, 2012, 04:45:56 PM
It is a word 2003 document, so you should be able to open it with word 2010 (I have word 2010 and I can open it perfectly fine). Didn't you accidently try to open the .rar file with word?

Accidentaly?! It gave me no other option when I clicked on the link on the first post. And it did say rar. At first it said to either find or save as a kind of file that was not showing up like it should have. Having 2010 myself, I would like to know what to do now.


Do you have winrar? If not, here is it in zip format.

(edit: it is attached in the OP)




Hey Everyone,

Long time no talk. I have some awesome news. My manual for the editor has been majorly updated thanks in part to a fellow member in here doing some visual work on the manual.

Before I go any further I need to gave a major thanks to fm4fan (A.K.A.: Peter) for adding in several screen shots into my manual for all of you to use. The screen shots add a visual reference to the many features used in the editor. So now you need not have to wander what feature I am talking about in the manual. So I hope you all enjoy the new updated version of the manual and I also included both a .rar file and a .zip file for anyone out there that may not have a RAR file extractor program. Also in both files I included both a Word document and a PDF file. Peter updated the manual in both formats for us all. so again, enjoy the new updated versions and feel free to leave any comments.

Oh and you'll find the new versions in my first thread in here. they have been added as new attachments.



Thank you so much for making this guide archangel8, jsut starting out in map making once again, I found myself questionning many things about the Editor, but now i have a pretty good udnerstanding of how it works.
You're a life saver man, bless you! :D
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