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Started by steelwing, October 01, 2016, 10:12:03 PM

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Another one that drip-feeds information is Don't Starve.

Regarding PF, CW3 implied that Skars and Aliana weren't humans. At that point, speculation becomes futile.
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I just finished this campaign after finishing CW3.  Here's my interpretation of the ending:

The Seloi and Ticon Empire are the two most prominent human empires in CW3, with the Ticons being the most militaristic and longest lasting against the creeper.

The Seloi is the first human civilization whose leadership doesn't hide the fact learned from ancient records that the creeper is eventually coming to destroy them.  The entire civilization works together and figures out that the creeper is an information-gathering device used by the Loki to help them isolate the Arc.  The Seloi decide the only way to save themselves from the Loki is to find the Arc first, so they develop their own version of creeper: the particulate, and evacuate redacted space so the particulate can cause its creeper-like devastation without harming humanity.  Just when the Seloi are on the verge of finding the Arc before the Loki, they find out that if they discover the Arc before the events of CW3 they'll cause a cataclysmic time paradox since Platius would have never existed.  They surrender to the Loki and the creeper and leave their info caches behind warning about the coming of the creeper, but not to spread knowledge of the Arc lest humanity get close to screwing up the timeline again.

In Particle Fleet a Galactic Corporation rules in the aftermath of the Seloi and keeps knowledge of the Creeper hidden from the public.  The protagonist goes to redacted space, finds out the creeper is coming, and sends a message for his friend to go on a suicide mission and leave a trail of relays in riftspace to get the records of the Seloi back to civilization.  His friend succeeds.

After the campaign, the info ends up in the archives of the protagonist's adopted family, the Ticon.  Spurred on by the info they stage an uprising against the Galactic Corporation for keeping the creeper secret and create the Ticon Empire where knowledge of the coming creeper threat is widespread, but not about the Arc.  Instead of trying to beat the Loki to finding the Arc, the civilization develop many mighty weapon technologies to fight the creeper and manage to last the longest before the creeper subverts digitalis and destroys them as well.


That is nearly spot on and a better summary than I could have written :)


Quote from: virgilw on March 20, 2017, 10:14:24 AM
That is nearly spot on and a better summary than I could have written :)

*Insert corny Wheel of Time reference here*


This means. that the timeline relies on the Ticon becoming so militaristic to slow down the Loki, ensuring that Skarsgdar finds the Loki minutes before they reveal the Arc.
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