Fleet Spotting: CEO SuperTerminator

Started by SuperTerminator, September 20, 2016, 02:49:16 AM

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**Incoming Rift Transmission **

Earlier today, the fleet of CEO SuperTerminator, long since thought to have been lost in Redacted Space, was detected by scouts at CEO's Landing in the Inception Sector. The scouts, detecting a disturbance, found the fleet in the middle of an assault on a particulate stronghold, though the fleet soon disengaged and warped to places unknown. Rumors have it that the fleet may be found lurking in the Exchange sector, waiting for a new CEO to follow...

P.S. this following ship from the fleet was also detected several times travelling alone through sectors at speeds previously unmatched by conventional engines. All attempts to intercept the vessel have failed miserably due to the vessel's redundant engines and mounted amp gem. It is believed to have been an emergency transport for CEO SuperTerminator.

**Transmission End**
I tried making CW3 custom maps once upon a time. I kinda failed. My maps were too large/stupidly long/stupidly easy. I think I only ever made one really good map, and its not for people who hate spores. I mean it'd be good shock therapy xD