Custom Map #10285: Just a casual trick map!. By: Martin Gronsdal

Started by AutoPost, September 25, 2022, 09:34:00 AM

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This topic is for discussion of map #10285: Just a casual trick map!

Author: Martin Gronsdal
Size: 128x84

No hidden units, but some tricks.


I have learnt ANOTHER thing I didn't know about CW3 mechanics!


Martin Gronsdal

well maybe instead of just playing maps that others make, you could make one yourself?

I don't see you teaching us about CW3 mechanics.


Does everyone who plays, have an obligation to create maps?

And perhaps you missed some of my comments on other maps, with helpful hints to others on how to play CW3 to the fullest.

I'm sorry if I didn't meet your expectations, I  won't comment on your maps any further.

Martin Gronsdal

that's not quite what I meant. Feel free to comment my maps anytime.

Martin Gronsdal


Finishing #4 cleared up how to finish this one. Very nice!