Custom Map #1710: Alliegiance: Emmisary. By: Hero Astra [HMG Founder&CEO]

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This topic is for discussion of map #1710: Alliegiance: Emmisary

Author: Hero Astra [HMG Founder&CEO]
Size: 384x216

tycon crew and the HMG Fleet drop out of FTL in their next sector and recover a sizable warship this is the 12th map in the Alliegiance series feedback? drop it on the forum! beware the dopples, by god they are strong, getting Emmisary up wil help tremendously against them, and probably also mark the end of the game.


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Great Map, Thanks,

The pickup was a nice ship but by the time I got it, it wasn't needed.

Hope to see some more fun maps coming soon.


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