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Started by Captain Ford, October 17, 2013, 01:50:42 PM

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Captain Ford

If anyone has tried to play the Troublesome Trains maps, they may have discovered that no matter what they do, their score doesn't change.

The reason is pretty simple. The trains destroy themselves before reporting their score. I reversed the order of the two commands and it works fine.

...and in the process of testing my changes, I also added some other new features...

  • You can now press Escape to skip the tutorial (it's three minutes long!)
  • The game time doesn't start counting until after the tutorial
  • It will definitely now kill trains correctly
  • It now floods the world with a thin layer of creeper when the tutorial's over to destroy partially-built buildings
  • It now doesn't kill the command node when the tutorial's over, which would cause you to lose almost 40 seconds of time

I want to get thepenguin's approval before I upload it, however.


Played it and had a similar problem. But a cool map otherwise^^


hmm, I'll take a look at my code.  It used to work fine, though.

EDIT: I just realized that virgil changed the way the "destroy" command works a short time before release.  Never thought that would break this system, though.

This will be fixed in the next update, I hope.  Yikes.
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I was wondering about that too. Also, despite the in-map dialog, it is possible to get every train to where they're supposed to go (at least in the tutorial).


I kept away from code heavy maps for the alpha sector. Aside from the fact that I am not good at it yet, I did not want to deal with broken maps and stuff. I will save the good coding for when I have some time to build and test something really evil.
Vote Tony!


Very cool map. I enjoy making my own tracks to have them run around on.

After the tutorial, any units that are flying to a destination are left alive. Also, units that are partially built will not get destroyed. It is quite easy to have lots of terps ready and loaded by the time the tutorial ends.


The map has been fixed.  Not just the aforementioned fixes, but some improvements as well.

Edit: Pscio, I fixed that now too.
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Hey penguin,
Be sure to update these maps in the alpha maps topic so I will remember to include them in the upcoming patch...


Quote from: virgilw on October 18, 2013, 07:55:05 PM
Hey penguin,
Be sure to update these maps in the alpha maps topic so I will remember to include them in the upcoming patch...
Once I play them through to know that they work properly.  I want to make sure we have as few bugs as possible in v2.0
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These maps look like a LOT of fun, I hope the patch goes live soon, so I can, y'know, play them.