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Started by drohack, March 08, 2024, 01:06:41 AM

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I'm a big fan of the Creeper World games and am very impressed with all of the custom map/unit support in all of them. But I'm wondering if there's a way to get any of the games integrated into
I do admit I'm more interested in Creeper World 4 integration, but any of them would be fun. But for the purposes of this post I'll be addressing Creeper World 4 specifically.

For a brief explanation about Archipelago, it's a tool to be able to link multiple randomized games together, allowing items/weapons/maps/locked doors to be "found" in other players games by completing checks, like opening chests/beating a level/boss/finding key items. It requires a bit of logic and a "world" to be generated and hosted. Then the different games get their seeds, and communicate periodically with the main server.

I've done a very brief look through the forum and don't see anything mentioning or websockets. I mention websockets specifically as this is the main way that clients/games need to be able to interact with the Archipelago Server.
Is there a way for any of the Creeper World games to be able to establish a websocket?

I admit I'm not very versed in scripts and modifications to any of the Creeper World games. So I don't know their capabilities, or what kind of scripting is possible.

For Creeper World 4 specifically:
The next question would be is there any way to randomize the main campaign? I know there's a lot of custom maps, and different triggers you can do to unlock units with scripting. But the main goal of Archipelago would be to have the main campaign be randomized, and have some sort of checks setup to unlock and beat the final level. And I'm not sure I've actually seen a campaign be setup in the colony section, that's not just a disjointed number of individual levels.

Here's a brief README from Archipelago about adding new games:

And here's one about how the client/game needs to be able to communicate with the server:

I would like to also point out Starcraft 2 Wings of Liberty as an example of how this could possibly work with just custom maps (if the main campaign is not editable): They have a separate launcher/gui outside of Starcraft 2 that handles which maps/levels get unlocked, and when you select a level it launches that single map (still keeping which units/upgrades have been unlocked already).


The short answer is "not now".  I'm just too slammed with IXE to even evaluate it this year.  After that, can't say.  Looks interesting, though.