Span experiments

Started by hbarudi, February 12, 2021, 05:34:57 PM

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Completed 24/26 span experiments leaving behind the creeper++ and holdem 2 maps. How do I protect those green things from being destroyed by the creeper that comes too quickly for me to afford to keep fighting it for all 4 of those things until the time runs out while being able to go for fighting to the emitters. They make too much creeper on the small map holdem 2 and for creeper++ they gain strength over time. Are there any walkthrough for the hardest 2 missions included in the game?


Was able to do creeper++ by rushing the emitters and such early using erned weapons but holdem 2 is very tough for me, they always get me.


Build three towers and then one miner. Put an ERN into it. You'll have plenty of energy from that point forward. Good luck.