A multiplayer would be AMAZING

Started by Zestyfedoraa, November 26, 2020, 02:18:49 AM

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Now, I don't know how hard it would be to implement this feature, and forgive me if this has been talked about before since I have just heard of the creeper world games and have become very interested in them. I think an amazing feature would be to add a multiplayer feature in which 2 people could play together, one as the regular campaign loadout, and one playing AS the creeper. I think it would be a very tactical game for both people to see if they could stay ahead of the other. A good example of this would be if I were playing as the creeper, I could try to get as many spore shooters early and attempt to focus my creeper producing areas near the other players resource areas, blocking them off from defending me and getting missiles. The other player could try to get to produce anti creeper drones to stop me. I think there are many possibilities for this to be such a great feature even if the developers have said they likely wont add a multiplayer. Again, if this is in the completely wrong area, I'm a bit confused on how this site works...


Creeper world 4 is coming out in 1 week. No time to add multiplayer. There will be custom modes that people can make that allow 1 computer multiplayer. I made one on creeper world 3


Probably you could play with your friend using Steam Remote Play Together feature, but that's not official thing.


i compete for fast times, but MP would not interest me.
CW not relying on the RNG gives the SP maps a purity for replay & honing of strategy. That's the game key, unique selling point & best feature.



I really cant see this working. I don't know if anyone here has tried it, but there's a custom map style in CW3 known as "PAC" (play as creeper). You can give it a go if you want to see what its like being the creeper. I don't see a way to implement that ruleset in CW4 though.
The best hope I could see for multiplayer would be as a co-op standing, not as a vs. Though possible two people could be on the same map and racing to get to a certain goal, like controlling certain points or objects. I don't see a creeper vs player two player mode though; it would be insanely difficult to balance.


Quote from: Feralprowler on January 01, 2021, 04:28:16 AM
I don't see a way to implement that ruleset in CW4 though.
I did it, chaged the rules a little but still...
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