Tips for beating Bilbo's maps?

Started by Snowcraft, November 07, 2023, 08:08:43 PM

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I've been busying myself recently with the DMD, since I'm not really interested in Creeper World 4. Recently, Bilbo's maps have become something of the latest challenge. They're tight, and frankly utterly brutal. Some, I find, to the point of unfairness, such as DMD-Kilowattrel, one of the latest maps.

I've found that once you can stabilize and deal with the obscene number of spores coming from the spore towers in all of Bilbo's DMD entries, it's fairly trivial to push through the map, but at this point, I just... don't understand on Earth I'm supposed to do to actually get to that point 99% of the time. I feel dumb luck is the only reason I'm getting anywhere, and I'm still a good 30 minutes to an *hour* behind other people who can beat those maps.

What am I doing wrong?


I'm glad you like these maps!
It's all about early power, early nullifying and PZ-Beams.
Killowattrel. One of my strategies is having 2 Beams for one PZ and close timing to exchange them in a spore-storm. Sometimes it's also a thing having a mortar or a cannon on a PZ most of the time and placing a beam only for the few seconds when it is necessary.
As you can beat them in general, I assume you have an idea of energy management, so building reactors one by one and not three at a time while in a deficit situation is the way to go.
I add 2 screenshots from saved game:

Greetings from The Shire

P.S. If you have more detailed questions, I'd prefer Discord (ping me, username Bilbo ;) )but I try to 1.jpg respond here at least once a day
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Well, I'm not in the Discord, but I'll keep your tips in mind. Unfortunately, I just can't even survive seven minutes in at this point. I just die the moment the first spore storm comes in. Every time. I just can't get to the point where I have enough towers taken out.


You do build collectors first, one by one?
You look where exactly you need a cannon?
You are patiently enough not to overbuild?
Hey, come to the dark side Discord, we have cookies!


Hi.  I just now discovered (after YEARS of playing CW3) that there is a discussion forum for DMD maps.  Bilbo, if you're reading this I just want to say I've really been enjoying your maps.  The most interesting part of most CW3 maps is the start.  And your maps are incredibly challenging at the start.  I hope you'll continue creating.  Thanks!


Thanks a lot and greetings from The Shire!
Hey, come to the dark side Discord, we have cookies!