Coders please help!

Started by Baddius, October 16, 2023, 06:06:17 PM

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Sorry to bother you all, but I am running into an issue with my current map, which is supposed to spawn a custom ship after 30 minutes have passed.  Apparently, the source of the problem is that the ship spawner cannot spawn in a custom ship if the corporate HQ is present on the map. 

My experience with PRPL is limited but the plot of my custom map hinges on being able to do this.  Coders, is there a way to either (1) spawn in a custom ship that appears where I want it at 54000 game ticks and then 27000 after it is destroyed, repeating  or is there a way to destroy the corporate HQ at 54000 ticks and 27000 ticks repeating after the custom ship is destroyed (I can always write it in as the Particulate causing a power cascade or something). 


I have asked on our Discord, but there has been no takers for your question. @GoodMorning  might be able to help. Hopefully he sees my mention.