New Computer; Can't use games

Started by jc_freak, October 05, 2023, 01:28:45 PM

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Hello, I've owned creeper world 1-3, as well as particle fleet, for a few years. Recently, I got a new computer. Is there some way I can transfer the old games to my new computer? Do I have to buy them all over again?


You provide precious little info. So I will make assumptions.
If you purchased the games directly from Knuckle Cracker, then there are links on the product page for each game where you can download the game again. The download link is under "Updates".

Eg. Here is the link for Particle Fleet:

There are similar links for all of the other games you mention.

When you purchased the games, you received email from FastSpring or from Knuckle Cracker with the game key. You should use that key both in the download page and after installing, when the game prompts you for the key.

On the download page for Particle Fleet, there are some alternate places you can look for the key. If you have misplaced the key. You would have to contact, providing alternate proof of purchase for your key to be reissued. At that point in time it may be easier to simply buy the full bundle of games on Steam with associated discounts and then not ever have to go through losing your key(s).