Will CW2 run on modern macOS in 2023?

Started by prk, July 06, 2023, 04:34:21 PM

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CW2 is one of my favorite games.  I recently recommended CW2 to my sister, who has a modern-ish Mac laptop.  (I don't know if her Mac has an Intel or Apple M1 CPU.)

She tried the Mac demo for CW2, but she said it did not run.

Is CW2 expected to run on current (as of 2023) Macs?  Or is it known that CW2 will not run on modern Macs?

For reference, I believe macOS dropped support for 32-bit apps several yeas ago.


The full version of CW2 has been notarized. The demo has not.  Some people still report problems running the full game but report that this page helps them get it working:

So it really depends on what you mean by "did not run".  If it days the archive was damaged, then the above might help.  If it is some other security warning, something else might work.

In all cases, the most common way people play CW2 on a mac (intel or M1) is via steam.  The steam client takes care of being the front end and handles security and notarization.  There is no demo of CW2 on steam, but you can of course refund a game on steam within the first 2 hours of play if it doesn't work.


Thanks for the answer.  I am happy to report that I gifted the Steam version of CW2 to my sister and she says it does run on her modern Mac!