Custom Map #3061: Quick

Started by AutoPost, January 23, 2023, 12:31:07 AM

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Author: Luckydragon



How do you do this one?? I cant do anything fast enough to stop it.
Tried shields and just cant get enough power to build them or weapons fast enough... what's the clue?


I can get to 2.5 energy per second with both sides shielded, but that's still nowhere near enough to contain the 2M units of creeper created per second without losing ground roughly every 40 seconds. Quickly nullifying one of the emitters seems impossible as well (there's just not enough time to get a shield directly above or below the emitter, and shields otherwise last 2 seconds too short).


I like simple looking but challenging maps. Thanks for creating and sharing it.



It is possible to get a little over 3 energy but you can beat this map with 2.5 (a lot harder though).

Tech domes are not useful here (too slow and expensive). Try to be as energy efficient as possibe. disconnect and disarm can be useful here. When the first emitter is destroyed it should be easy from there.