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CW4 Steam Keys

Started by arcyqwerty, July 25, 2022, 10:17:30 PM

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Does CW4 direct purchase (via Fastspring) still grant Steam keys in the confirmation like Particle Fleet / will there be an exchange system like CW3?

Happy to buy direct for the cheaper processing fees (unclear how much Steam reviews still matter n years after the game has been released / I don't care if I'm counted if you don't) but would like to be able to track achievements /organize my game collection

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There never was a key exchange system for CW4. If you buy via FastSpring, you get a standalone key and you will have to manually check the site for future updates. There is a beta version currently on Steam, which is why I mention this.

Additionally the transaction cost on FastSpring is roughly equivalent to Steam transaction fees.

For the next game, there is strong consideration for a "Steam-only" game due to efficiencies in creating builds and managing updates, given the very small number of off-Steam sales.