Request: Altered Shield Key Script

Started by Shockblast DX, December 02, 2021, 02:29:12 PM

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Shockblast DX

The CRPL script should resemble the behavior of a shield key, but with a few key differences.

   1. The object is only activated after there are no emitters, inhibitors, spore towers, or runner nests remaining on the map.

   2. When the object is triggered, it displays a dialogue message (I will handle the exact contents of the dialogue myself).

   3. The victory condition must be delayed by about 3 seconds.

   4. The object is destroyed instead of ascending to orbit.


CRPL can't do what shield keys do, so it is impossible to recreate a shield key. If you don't want it to be picked up early, protect it with a lot of creeper. For dialogue, simply add another pickup (with dialogue) at the same location.


CRPL can relocate them off-map, and destroy them if they're not needed.

But this is niche enough to be in the "your own script" category.
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