"Energy scaling" type ideas

Started by SnipesMcShoot, July 11, 2020, 07:55:10 PM

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Random brainstorm on balance mixups regarding the issue of more = better, where there's some auto-win point (the thing everybody is talking about...):

1. introduce heat mechanic to transmission lines: you can have 47 mortars firing in one spot, but it will blow up your own power relays
1a. remove transmission from energy towers and restrict that just to relays, making it harder to drop 47 mortars and instantly supply them. add new long range relay

2. introduce logistical inefficiency / upkeep. longer transmission = energy loss either in generation, in constant cost, or in transmission itself (send 4 energy to mortar, mortar receives 3 and fires slower as a result, or perhaps the energy sent is scaled to account for that, either way)

3. previously discussed ideas like scaling unit cost

These are the brainstorms of a dumb.