My feeling on latest energy changes

Started by WithersChat, July 11, 2020, 10:03:58 AM

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TBH I don't like these increasing unit costs, or tower efficiency depending on distance/map size. I feel like that tower efficiency wouldn't fit well in a CW style game, judging by the prevoius ones. Transformers feel better, but there is still something that bothers me. However, the perfect square of the tower sloyent, its 1*1 size, the fact that it ignores pretty much all terrain height and that you can cover all the land with a basic grid without any tower sloyent overlapping seems too OP. I think this is where some changes should be done. And the fact that a tower is actually almost twice as powerful as a CW3 collector is maybe something that could be changed too. You need 5 towers to get +2 to your production, and without even questioning about the placement: YOU JUST MAKE A GRID! (2 is the energy cost of a unit building (delay 0.5 second between packets)). You needed 7 perfectly placed collectors, assuming you manage to place them on flat terrain and perfectly spaced (that last point is impossible without relays or direct CN connection, so you most likely won't get max efficiency. So, on flat terrain, you'll probably need 10 collectors. And we're not even speaking about uneven terrain here, where you'd lose sometimes half the sloyent coverage per collector, or even more sometimes. So the optimal placement of your collectors might produce +2 with 20 of them! I hope this can help, and if it doesn't, well, I guess the dev will do what is best anyway.
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