Tormented S200_28 Kinrus

Started by balancetraveller, October 02, 2017, 12:13:39 AM

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Googled the web and there's no result at all... I tried it out and it's harder than Aliancasterer, couldn't beat it, but there are some legit scores.

The main pain point is that there's a spore tower spewing out 7 spores every minute, and that sucks a great amount of energy outta my grid... I terraformed a 9x9 Lv10 platform on the left side of the map (where it was original a Lv9 plateau) and had 6 power plants, 4 mortars, 4 blasters but was still unable to establish a balance at this point and slowly got overrun.

Any suggestions? Should I just ditch blasters and use all mortars? Or any better strategy on how to terraform this map?


You're going to have power problems like that. Rather than terping flat, hold the level 7 ground. Sink the power you save into Reactors. Get up to ten (not all at once), build 4-5 Mortars to hold the Creeper down, then build up to 20 or so Reactors. Then build Beams.

That should give you plenty of power to use whatever strategy you like.
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So is it safe to say that we don't really wanna build any blaster during the initial stage in this kind of packed tormented space maps?

Also, would you invest in building some collectors, or is it better to just go ahead with a huge array of reactors?


TL; DR: Energy is king.

Collectors are cheap to build, and so pay for themselves rapidly. This helps both as an absolute, and makes it faster to build Reactors.

Nothing can be built without power, nor will weapons run.

Build order for non-speedrunners:

Cover the space you intend to claim with Collectors (allow some small gaps, these are to bootstrap and get initial power. Quick-and-cheap.

Build as many reactors as you can without energy going red. Keep going with this for two or three rounds of "that's done, build another".

The Creeper is nearing your base on the 7+ ground. It's not here yet, though. Now having quite a bit of power, add a Mortar or two to keep it down. The terrain advantage gives you a free wall.

Once those are built, keep on with Reactors, though your energy can dip a little into the red - not more than two, but stealing the odd packet from the weapons won't hurt yet.

When the Spore Tower hits 80%, pause your Reactor program to add a Beam for every Spore you will face. Return to power-making.

Four cannons and four Mortars are ample to hold off the Creeper, if they have enough power.

This method can give you a Forge, a stable situation, and energy balance of +14 & -9 (ish) before 15:00.
A narrative is a lightly-marked path to another reality.