Tormented space, S200_53 Langkad

Started by vonny83, September 27, 2016, 05:23:23 PM

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I had to ask help on another planet in this system already, and langkad gives me issues as well. I have a very hard time holding a stable landing sector for any length of time. I tried the middle, the southwest and northwest corners, but on each of them I see to get overrun before I can get much done.

I feel like I'm missing something, somehow. A game setting that I overlook or a tactic I don't understand


I see I have completed it. I remember it as a very hard map and that I started in the lower left corner. Unfortunately I have no intermediate saves.


It bugged me that I couldn't find a foothold last night, so this morning I followed a tactic of letting the game run without building anything - just to watch where the creeper got to last.

Turns out that the top left corner is a much better starting location. 

Here are a few screenshots.  I even managed to improve my own time without trying particularly hard. :)