** If you want to report a bug, do this **

Started by Karsten75, September 17, 2016, 09:53:29 PM

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It's really hard to figure out the cause of most bugs. So please help Virgil by providing as much documentation as you can.

1. Immediately that you see a bug, pause the game.

2. Take a screenshot. The key binding for that should be in the game menu for keys. Mine is set to Shift-F12. WHen you take the screenshot, you will hear a sound.
The screenshot will be here (type this string into Windows Explorer's address bar)
%userprofile%\Documents\My Games\particlefleet\screenshots\

3. While the game is still paused, take a save.
  See here for the location of save files for all operating systems. http://knucklecracker.com/forums/index.php?topic=21330.0
Note that the screenshots directory typically is adjacent to the save files directory - that may help Linux and Apple users find it.

4. Keep the game paused.

5. Create a new thread. For now, keep it in pre-release forum. Later you can start it directly in the Support forum. 

Use the attachment option below your post to upload 3 files:

a) the screenshot.
b) the save file.
c) the game log.

Things you should mention in your post:
a) Whether you are playing the Steam or stand-alone version. Also mention the version that appears on the start-up screen.
b) Your OS - Windows, Mac, Linux  - and which version or build (in the case of Linux).
c) Desktop or laptop
d) As much as you know about your hardware - processor, graphics and available RAM.