Custom Map #2223: Territory Defence 1. By: Just a drone

Started by AutoPost, August 24, 2021, 04:12:19 PM

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Author: Just a drone
Size: 192x120

Just a Drone

Sorry for the fact that creeper removes normal ground it did not act like this when i first tested sry


What creeper removes what ground? By <2 minutes there was no creeper on the map (a few mortars took are of that). Then I put the game on 4x speed, and I'm still waiting for the old objective to trigger as I type this, but there's no battle or creeper to make it difficult.

Just a Drone

ok ill repost the map soon and make it more difficult


I don't think you get it. It doesn't matter how good or fast one plays, all the scores on this map is for 15:00. so there's no real challenge. I waited for 13 of those 15 minutes, someone else might have gotten the upper hand at 14:59, it's all the same for all of us.


Really easy if you spam Anti Creeper Bombers at the breeder area for a bit then wait, no way for the creep to spawn more of itself because there aren't any emitters.