Looking for Feedback on a Beginners Guide

Started by Fireswamp, October 25, 2020, 12:27:26 PM

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Myself and Hypnotic22 are in the process of making a guide for Creeper World 4 and currently have the unedited footage.
Before we go through the process of editing things down we were hoping to get some feedback if there was anything important we missed.
A general disclaimer: we are new to making guide videos and this is our first attempt.

Below are links to unlisted videos of our raw footage:


As I usually don't watch guide videos unless I get stuck somewhere it's quite good. Though you seem to not point out some implied knowledge.
I will point out some examples and not similar ones again. And I am most likely not a beginner any more as I played the previous games.

As I played the previous build of the demo and just the new level in the newer build, I am not sure if you changed some of the visibility options from the default settings or the new build has some other default settings. I think you should point them out and explain why you changed them. even if it's in a later video, as you seem to aim the guide to the beginners I think that this information is quite important.

You did not point out the scoring system. I would agree that a beginner shouldn't worry about scoring at first anyway but maybe a separate video for that alone might be worth it.

In the first mission you explain parts of the UI which is alright. I think it may be worth for example to explain the energy usage graph on how to read it as it is obvious for you but it might not be for a beginner, though I don't know how the explain it effectively in the first mission without showing other examples from other missions, thus jumping around to later stuff and back might be just even more confusing.

In the second mission you completely ignored the pyramid and maybe it's just my playstyle to make it more biased, but I would consider sacrificing the towers after collecting the information cache might be some more advanced  strategy but it deservers to be pointed out as an option for achieving the goals quite quickly.

In the third mission you ignored the decayable terrain as it is not a real threat anyway but I guess that it is a game mechanic, it should be at least mentioned. You explained the effects of the long travelling time for the packets very good. So was the explanation for the weapon shooting distance.

In the fourth mission: I have played it quite differently, but maybe it could be incorporated as an alternative starting point for the mission as I placed the HQ close to the information cache so had to move it later to the save island but i would have soylent right from the beginning. I don't remember if the mission itself tells you how to rotate the mines, but that's something which could be added.

In the fifth mission you can have some knowledge about the pyramids from the second mission. You missed an opportunity to explain the additional uses for the pylons, as they don't just have a longer reach but faster packets speed as well. I saw some cannons or mortars running out of ammo, but you had so many of them that it made no difference.
Furthermore I guess trees and how it affects energy production could have been done here as well unless it changed between the builds. but definitely for scoring might be worth mentioning.

Now just some general observations: You used the top view quite regularly, maybe mention why. You did not rotate the camera. I know it's most likely never be needed anyway but for completeness sake you could have integrated it in the first mission, where you explained the UI and stuff.